Greetings guest!!!


I’m chuffed to meet you. Let me introduce myself as Alice.
I travel the globe for a living and have decided to take you with me on a trip to visit some amazing places and to give you a taste of my mind and all its thoughts about life and growth.

Like most people I am just striving towards living the best possible life for myself, everyday to the full.

Happiness is for sharing and I’m bursting with excitement to be able to share my posts with anyone who has similar interests or aspirations.

I’d love to hear your opinions and ideas!

Let’s do this…

5 thoughts on “Greetings guest!!!

  1. Congratulations for this beautiful and interesting blog. Thank you for sharing those moments of your life. In a certain way is not only a “product” of the trip, it is a goal maybe. Sharing becomes a part of the baggage too!


    1. Thank you Emilio!
      Sharing with individuals like yourself on WordPress brings a lot of fun and happiness and also gives us ideas and inspiration!
      Glad you enjoy it!
      Warm welcome to my page and kind regards


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