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The whole month of January was left blogless. Expressing myself rather through photography than writing I stuck with instagram as my only social media source.

Something in me has been changing. I decided to travel to Dubai for a bit of sunshine during the cold, grey winter month of January, which felt so depressing after christmas was over. “Happy New Year” was fun, but after that…? Where was I left?

With my full time job not starting again until March( Thank you boss, for squeezing in my holidays for January& February), the once longed for time-off started becoming a nuisance, catapulting me into boredom and with that a light state of depression.

Being in the U.A.E I could not believe how much the sun instantly elevated my mood. I wondered if people in general living in countries with 90% chance of sunshine throughout the year ever felt down. But then again the grass is always greener on the other side. Once arrived on the other side, a whole new set of problems tries to poison our minds.

`A-European-woman-from-cold-country` problems start to become:  A-European-woman-staying-in-hot-country` problems.

While away I noticed I needed a break. Not from the stress of everyday life, (My life was absolutely stress free), but from my stressed out expectations I had of myself. I had only just started this blog in October and already noticed a shift within me happening.

Is travelling what I solely want to blog about? It was how I had casually started out, with enthusiasm and I do have the experiences and advice to back up a travel blog…

But crap… I don´t think it´s actually what I´m all about.

It´s not what drives me to write.

What I enjoy doing with travel is indeed uploading my travel experience in form of pictures. Put them all together   -Poof-   It´s a gallery!!!

Hell !! I love communicating through Instagram with other fellow instagrammers. sharing my support of there travel pics and vice versa. I´m interested in an authentic insta-bond with the guys I follow or who follow me. And it´s all backed up with photographs.

My love for photography. A visual aid with no long ranting needed.

Yes a picture can say a thousand words.

So I got thinking. Oh crap. The thoughts weren´t good:

  1.   I need a blog remodeling. Already?
  2.   I´ve only been blogging since October.
  3.   What about my wordpress followers? They liked my blog, because they were               interested in the travel-side of it I posted about!

But sometimes you have to start going down a certain path in order to notice …S.H.I.T.E…wrong way I really want to change direction.

With me it´s my little free time blog. But sometimes it´s things way bigger.

A relationship..?

A job..?

Something signed. sealed. delivered even like a marriage.

When you notice you´re moving along a path but you´re heart is not in it, it can be terrifying. Especially if something is at stake.

The feelings of a person you love. You´re income. The recognition of people you think a lot of.

All not worth following a lie… Lying to ourselves is torture. And change is needed to get your mojo back!

The mission to finding my new blogging passion, niche is subtly becoming clearer and this page will subtly change…

It won´t be a one on one travel page any longer…

Because travelling is my job, my life, what people expect and advise me to write about, but not all my heart and passion is about…


(   For more travel fun join me on Instagram. I am excited to meet you;)   )


-Till next time






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