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Dear readers,

On a busy day it’s easy to get caught up in our own drama and see only our shortcomings. It’s good to step back and remember that we are not alone and have a lot to be grateful for.

Gratitude opens our heart and makes life´s hardships seem a bit more bearable.

Gratitude for the important things in life, but also for the little joys, like finding a necklace you thought you had lost, or finding something great in the SALEs pile!

I want to say Thank You to:

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Lady Sergine-Be You !!!!
Thank you for involving me in the ‘Versatile Blog Award‘ competition and for nominating me!

Especially in creative activities, we need all the support we can get.

It means a lot knowing that people actually do take a moment to read what you have written and contribute to it.

It’s fun being able to express yourself creativitely on a web-platform like wordpress, where we can meet fellow bloggers and learn from each other.

As part of the competition, here are the 7 facts about me:

  1. My favourite animal is “The Killerwhale”,
  2. I work for a big Airline Company.
  3. My middle name is George
  4. I am utterly repulsed by cockroaches
  5. I am fluent and accent free in German and English
  6. I believe in miracles and that even the craziest things are possible.
  7. I wanted to study marine biology, but ended up studying acting and speech at a Performing Arts College.

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  • Share seven facts about yourself.
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Let the support begin…



In a world full of opinions it is hard to just STOP, BREATH and BLOCK out the noise.

Eating clean, Practicing Yoga and taking time to just BREATH and MEDITATE seems to be the solution for nearly every problem on earth nowadays.

And although doing these things does make us feel more connected to ourselves, the world around us and brings a moment of sunshine to our lives, it´s damn hard to keep up on a regular basis. Let alone notice that it is something we can profit from having in our lives.

Becoming a mindful person, who has the ability to just step out of a situation and watch it from the outside for a moment without judgement takes a lot of mind training and effort if you have been living your life unaware of your spiritual side. To many it just seems like a trend, a movement, buy some yoga pants, go organic you´re in.

We typical western humans thrive on proving individuality, proving our point and clearly distinguishing right from wrong.

In a head and heart full of opinions, goals and logic it is hard to let go and just be. It is hard to even accept, that maybe there is more to our lives than just strategy and coping with stuff.

Still if you´re a person who lives trying out new activities, going after new jobs and reading up on different topics, this is definitely a topic worth giving a chance.

Spirituality in any form is a gift to us, if we are able to find it and let it in.

It is something so delicate, that it can´t be forced upon us without pushing us even further away from it.

We need to feel that we need it in our lives. A silent friend we have always missed and longed to be reunited with. A somebody or something we have to be ready for though, or we will just oversee it and take it for granted.

I would not describe myself as a very religious person. My parents and I used to visit church at one point in my childhood. And I never really got the point. The service bored me, and I would just sit there waiting for the food to be served afterwards. I only really remember the smell of the old church hall , old and musky with a hint of old lady.

We stopped going, my life was filled with other more fun activities.

It wasn´t until I hit puberty, that my grandmother once again started shoving Christ in my face. Everything she said was served with a dose of Christ, Jesus, faith and so on.

I couldn´t bear it. Nothing tastes worse than something forced down our throats and nothing makes a rebel more rebellious than telling him what´s missing in his life and pin pointing all the places where he is moving in the wrong direction.

Not till years later after running around in negative circles, hurting and damaging myself with negative beliefs and low self esteem, like a lot of young people out there I longed for a friend. A constant friend. But relying on someone to make me feel better was a dead end.

Bringing instant relief but in the long term, fueling me and my life with anxiety and fear of losing that someone. 

And so my spiritual path began. My spiritual research, individually customized to suit me.

No I have not become a full blown christian, but I have become open to letting spirituality into my life. And I am open to giving anything a chance.

And that is the key to the door.

No matter how educated we are, we don´t now everything. We can´t control everything. Life just happens.

It is scary not having 100% control over things we love, things we work hard for and things we don´t even know are going to come into our lives, but taking time to check out spirituality or at least open the door to let it in, when a time comes where it is needed, can take off the pressure and bring some soothing to our everyday lives.

Doesn´t that sound just the tiniest bit lovely? Makes me feel relief.

To me spirituality is the motivation to do anything in my power that brings happiness and ease into my life.

I won´t tell my story in full detail now… It´s a blog post, not a biography and simply not my web-story telling style.

But I will say what the first step was.

Surrendering to the fact that no matter how hard I tried I needed something greater than me, something more powerful and knowledgeable to lead the way.

I was just exhausted running around in circles and just couldn´t do it on my own anymore.

And the thing needed most at that moment was : Comfort.

Warm, cozy loving comfort

How do we give that to ourselves?

Being mindful…what everyone is on about…

Being spiritual.

Being connected.

At first. The very first step is finding out what our primal need is at the very moment.

For me at that time it was Comfort





Attachment 3

The whole month of January was left blogless. Expressing myself rather through photography than writing I stuck with instagram as my only social media source.

Something in me has been changing. I decided to travel to Dubai for a bit of sunshine during the cold, grey winter month of January, which felt so depressing after christmas was over. “Happy New Year” was fun, but after that…? Where was I left?

With my full time job not starting again until March( Thank you boss, for squeezing in my holidays for January& February), the once longed for time-off started becoming a nuisance, catapulting me into boredom and with that a light state of depression.

Being in the U.A.E I could not believe how much the sun instantly elevated my mood. I wondered if people in general living in countries with 90% chance of sunshine throughout the year ever felt down. But then again the grass is always greener on the other side. Once arrived on the other side, a whole new set of problems tries to poison our minds.

`A-European-woman-from-cold-country` problems start to become:  A-European-woman-staying-in-hot-country` problems.

While away I noticed I needed a break. Not from the stress of everyday life, (My life was absolutely stress free), but from my stressed out expectations I had of myself. I had only just started this blog in October and already noticed a shift within me happening.

Is travelling what I solely want to blog about? It was how I had casually started out, with enthusiasm and I do have the experiences and advice to back up a travel blog…

But crap… I don´t think it´s actually what I´m all about.

It´s not what drives me to write.

What I enjoy doing with travel is indeed uploading my travel experience in form of pictures. Put them all together   -Poof-   It´s a gallery!!!

Hell !! I love communicating through Instagram with other fellow instagrammers. sharing my support of there travel pics and vice versa. I´m interested in an authentic insta-bond with the guys I follow or who follow me. And it´s all backed up with photographs.

My love for photography. A visual aid with no long ranting needed.

Yes a picture can say a thousand words.

So I got thinking. Oh crap. The thoughts weren´t good:

  1.   I need a blog remodeling. Already?
  2.   I´ve only been blogging since October.
  3.   What about my wordpress followers? They liked my blog, because they were               interested in the travel-side of it I posted about!

But sometimes you have to start going down a certain path in order to notice …S.H.I.T.E…wrong way I really want to change direction.

With me it´s my little free time blog. But sometimes it´s things way bigger.

A relationship..?

A job..?

Something signed. sealed. delivered even like a marriage.

When you notice you´re moving along a path but you´re heart is not in it, it can be terrifying. Especially if something is at stake.

The feelings of a person you love. You´re income. The recognition of people you think a lot of.

All not worth following a lie… Lying to ourselves is torture. And change is needed to get your mojo back!

The mission to finding my new blogging passion, niche is subtly becoming clearer and this page will subtly change…

It won´t be a one on one travel page any longer…

Because travelling is my job, my life, what people expect and advise me to write about, but not all my heart and passion is about…


(   For more travel fun join me on Instagram. I am excited to meet you;)   )


-Till next time