I sit still and I can feel you close to me. I try to relax and let you reach me, flow through me, feed me. You are my “Inspiration” after all.

It is simply you I need to fulfill myself. No pressure…

But I feel pressure. Especially in those moments, when I am so close to realizing what you want to tell me. 

In those moments I am so close to catching you, finding an idea. Something I can pursue. 

Sometimes you are briefly caught between the soft clasp of my fingers and then you just disappear into thin air again.Leaving me back at square one. 

What we are looking for is right in front of us. Happiness and love resides within ourselves. Isn’t that what we are meant to believe?

Calming, strengthening thought. I agree and I believe!

But nevertheless frustrating when not accessible…

Sometimes inspiration, a thought, a dream quietly sails by, nearly unnoticed and we manage to grasp it. Lock it down. Use it. It was given to us.

But sometimes it gets away before we can make use of it.

It can feel as though we are being tortured. An oasis of creativity and inspiration dangling in front of us going to waste, because we can’t always see it clearly.

But I don’t believe our dreams and inspirations want to hurt us and discourage us. I feel often they want us to bring them home to us, as much as we want them home where they belong. Appreciated and supported.

Our dreams and ideas belong out there, fulfilled and realized. They are not tormenting us by playing “Hide and seek”. 

They are softly singing to us. Guiding us towards them. Towards the light. And if we miss them..?

They will simply try again another time. 
They want to be discovered after all…

(Image: imgfave.com)

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