I am in the present moment. I breath in and out…

I reflect upon my breathing, I go about my day. The present moment doesn’t always seem to stick for long enough though.

But when it does, I am amazed at how full and abundant my life in this very moment is.

 It is a feeling of being grounded and at peace. It is a feeling worth waiting for. 

Other times I am thrown back to a past memory. A time long ago. A person long ago and I feel pain. I try to fight these thoughts away.

Afterwards I feel bad .

Bad that I let these thoughts and memories get to me.



Stupid me. Aren’t we all supposed to move on?


Moving on is an active choice.YES!

But it also requires patience and acceptance. Sometimes the acceptance that there are indeed scares that might never completely heal. Not even with time. Some scars will always burn a little…might never truly fade into invisibility.

They might stay as a reminder.

But not as a reminder of how you have failed to move on completely and should just let go for goodness sakes, but maybe reminding you a little of how well you have indeed already moved on.

But that there was this big thing and this big thing, like it or not, is chapter of your life. A chapter you can’t rewrite. You can’t change your past.

You can be gentle towards yourself and understand that it takes time though.

And the goal is not to forget, even though you’d love that most of all, not to be followed by something from the past, casting a shadow on your beautiful present or future…

Be gentle to your scars. Now and then they will pipe up, to remind you that they are there.

Acknowledge they are there. Comfort them and let them slowly disappear into the background again.

Life is happening. Get back to doing your thing…

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