We have a lot of options when it comes to hiding away.

Like me…

If I’m not in the mood to talk I don’t answer the phone. If during my daily walk I don’t want to communicate with my neighbor I just wait a few seconds behind a wall until they have gone inside and have closed the door behind them. Or if I’m sad but don’t know how to share I just hide it behind a smile.

These are ways to escape confrontation. Communication.Good or bad.

I can deal with certain people another time I think…

But then there are things that can’t be ignored: memories. They fill me with painful feelings of nostalgia. It can creep up on you during the day but also in your sleep, leaving you groggy the next morning with a sense of sadness or dread.

Is my soul trying to tell me something? Are these thoughts of times gone by impulses to act on? A silent motivator? Or just ghosts not put to rest.

Sometimes I can’t believe the things I remember .The time we spend reminiscing about that memory.

People say it’s all in the past just move on.

But to many that sounds like forgetting and that is not something everyone is prepared to do…

Prepared to forget that time, which seems to play a major role to you or you would not keep softly playing with these thoughts in your mind. Over and over like rehearsing a song…

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