Connecting Through Writing

Everybody wants to be listened to. Listened to and understood.

Having a person hear us, acknowledge us and reflect back that they got the point we were making.This is what we want in communication. A person to listen to us and vice versa. A feeling of connection.

Doing this makes us feel less alone.

At times it is not easy to own your voice. We can get discouraged by others, intimidated showing genuinely who we are and sharing ourselves with others…

Writing is a gift to those I think, who don’t go all out there in speech, but process a lot in thought and need an outlet, to try and restore an inner balance.

“Making peace with our mind by putting its thoughts on paper.”

To tell somebody. Even if that somebody starts out with being a blank sheet.

Writing helps us put down ideas and opinions and unlike speech, it’s easier to edit and improve what we were trying to say, before it was SAID. HEARD. &.ACKNOWLEDGED.

Being able to reach others through writing something, telling a story. Having what we write read and with this :”HEARD” is a wonderful process. It’s like taking care of a garden. The garden of our mind and sharing it’s images with others…



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