People Who Inspire Us To Be Ourselves


One of the best feelings in the world, besides seeing the waiter finally bring your meal, when you’re absolutely starving, or finally being able to pee after a long looooong drive, is definitely hearing the encouraging words of our loved ones.

True compliments and support are what help us grow, find faith in ourselves, and enable us to believe for that moment ” Maybe you are right, I can do this”.

Some people aren’t fortunate enough to get a lot of positive feedback from their surroundings. They might need to be strong for themselves.

Give someone a compliment or an act of kindness each day. Help inspire something bigger.

4 thoughts on “People Who Inspire Us To Be Ourselves

  1. This is so damn true. Surrounding ourselves with people whom we feel we can
    connect with, be ourselves with, and remind us who we are is so crucial to becoming who we want to be. Keep writing!

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