Venice I Wish We Had Met Years Ago


Venice you are stunning. Each photo taken of you could be a postcard…

You are worth a visit on every day of the year. No matter if cold, rainy or blistering hot…there is always more to discover.

The carnival bringing back a childlike magic. The masked creatures continue to haunt me. But not in a bad way. More mystery than malice. Never knowing who is hiding underneath. A character portrayed to the outside river banks, to onlookers, but a character portrayed often far from the truth.

image(Photo: Deborah Kolb


How I long to be the only one walking across the Piazza San Marco.

For time to stand still in this beautiful city of art and history…

To take in the sound of pigeons quietly hooting…flapping their wings to take flight.

A moment of rich cultural truth…

Without a selfie stick prodding me, tour groups shuffling around me, nowhere to escape from the touristic overload. Every menu offers the same. Gondolas have lost their elegant status of romance…now just another way to make big money out of innocent visitors.

Venice, maybe we should have met at a different time….

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