A Brief Ode to San Francisco

I have had a major crush on this Californian city for a long time.

With plenty of good, fun hostels and posh hotels it’s a dream destination for backpackers and travelistas everywhere.


I love City’s with a sea breeze. San Francisco is a jam-packed town full of life and entertainment. But even with heavy traffic you still manage to breathe in that fresh coastal air and stay connected to nature.

With Nature Reserves like “Yosemite National Park” just a short drive away and beautiful cliffs and beaches to explore, it’s easy to get your mojo back after a stuffy week trapped in the Office.


In the city I love a walk down fisherman’s Warf, especially in the evenings.


Even though the seafood restaurants are pretty overpriced, you can still have an enjoyable tasty evening eating out there as a tourist, while watching the famous ” Bushman” scare the living daylight out of people. Fisherman’s Warf is also a definite must, if unlike me you love touristy-shops and want to bring home some souvenirs.


Walking along the Piers, maybe grab a ticket to Alcatraz an absolute must!!!( Although getting a ticket might not be all too casual ,best to book in advance!)


During the day I often grab a sandwich and head out with my newest book to “Golden Gate Park” for a picnic. Or have a jog around the place.

It’s just a beautifully, looked after space of greenery and a perfect get away from all the concrete.



The San Francisco city-center has so much to see and experience, apart from good shopping opportunities.

From the “Transamerica Pyramid” to a whole lot of street art. This town is humming with interesting architecture and arty detail.





What people mostly don’t expect is the cold winds even in the summer months of July, August so be sure to pack as sweater. The coldest I have been was in this city, due to being totally unprepared for it.

But as Mark Twain said:

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”…..

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