Nostalgia to Our Ears

So I’ll be sitting on the bus happily listening to a funky tune, loving life, the sun is shining my mood is up.

Suddenly shuffle throws me a song my body and mind was absolutely not prepared for.

My mood pretty quickly changes and I find myself, all choked up, nearly sobbing.

The song is just so beautiful…Beautifully sad.

Bad song! Bad, bad song!!! But in such a good way!

Why is it doing this to me? Why the hell am I doing this to myself? I could just switch over to something happy and upbeat…

But there is something about a sad tune that is so addictive. Our soul opens up and we can just let go and indulge in our feelings. Feelings that we often lock away at work, lock away from society to save for a later moment.

Music has so much power. The power to motivate us, change our mood for the better, but also to throw us back to a time long ago..

Igniting bittersweet feelings of nostalgia. Leaving us longing for a lost love, a better time, a place we used to be happy. Igniting in us a homesickness, we forgot we even had.


Its our choice to listen and let the music sink into us…changing our inner being, clutching tight around our stomach and heart.

Or maybe press “FWD” and hope for a happier beat…


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