“Tropical Heaven Tulum”Part 1:

To escape the November-chills, I packed my case full of thin, cotton summer wear, two bikinis, three good books and got on the next non-stop flight from Frankfurt to Cancun.

From there I took the local “ADO-Bus”( by far the cheapest option) and drove down the Mexican-carribean coast to Tulum.

I opted for a rustic beach-cabana, to unleash my inner bush woman.

The room was simple but clean, with a mosquito net hanging over the bed. The ceilings woven out of dried palm leaves.

The tap and shower water was sea-water.

Which didn’t bother me in the slightest, but as a woman who likes a good grooming was not something I could get used to forever.

The next day I woke up and then wondered if I had really woken up or maybe died in my sleep and gone straight up to heaven, because the scenery was just heavenly.


It was so unspoiled by tourists and big buildings…although all that is starting to come.

Ten years ago this coastal strip was only inhabited by a few locals, but now there are quite a few holiday resort cabanas along the beach and a whole lot of bars, cafes and restaurants.
 The most annoying part were definitely the Taxis.

400 Taxis all together are driving up and down the Town area beeping at anyone who could be a foreigner.

They definitely do not understand, that if needed, they will be approached.

But away from the road and back to the beach.

There the rest of society can for a moment be completely forgotten and you can concentrate on everything that is beautiful in nature and in life…

If hungry I’d grab some delicious fresh vegetarian or fish Tapas from “Taqueria La Eufemia” or in evenings get s cab down to the most amazing Italian restaurant“Posada Margherita” which had better food than some of the Italian restaurants in Italy I’ve been to. White wooden floorboards lit up with little candles and fairy lights it was a great date-setting. Or for any evening to remember.

 ( photo from caperleaves.nl)

That place has a small menu. But each and every dish is done to perfection.

Its better to have a handful of exquisite signature dishes then a lot of mainstream dishes.

This holiday destination is made for outside living only!

Because when it rains, not only water comes through the wood-works…

To be continued …

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