Grateful That We Met…


I am always surprised by how things turn out.

We meet new people on a daily basis. Many people. Mostly brief encounters. Waiting in line for our daily coffee. Asking a kind looking face for directions. Or bumping into somebody in the street and then apologizing for it.

Many encounters we have are quickly forgotten.

“We met. I kept on going about my business. Filtered you out of my thoughts and replaced you with a more important topic needing attention. Sorry…it all happened subconsciously”

Sometimes we meet someone we instantly bond with for a few hours at a party, a day at work or a moment sharing the same struggles.

We think that we will definitely stay in contact with these acquaintances only to smile to ourselves when we notice” Gosh I never did see her again…Never heard from him again.”

Sometimes people we were sure it would be “so different “ with. People we really hit it off with.

imageThese people might have been great for the moment. And it was fun and great they were there at that time, but to join us in the story which is “The story of our lives” ..? Well for those roles other people have been and are being casted.

People we look back at later and think” We were bound to meet sooner or later. Destiny brought us together. We helped each other grow so much at that time of our lives”.

People, animals even that fill us with so much joy, laughter and zest for life, we can just be grateful for the time we have together.

We never know for how long the encounter is meant to be.

Live in the moment!

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