A Soul-Connection

I don’t know if I truly believe in reincarnation.

I have come across a few mediums and healers, who have all said that:

  1. I’m an old soul, who has lived many past lives.
  2. I need to stick to meditation and pay special attention to aligning my chakras
  3. I love being by the sea. (Well yeaaah|? I mean who doesn’t?)

True I do indeed have a very strong bond with the ocean. I’m a cancer for starters and like to swim and snorkel.

But if I do decide to go down this reincarnation path I’m definitely thinking:

Somewhere in the past I was either closely befriended or rescued by killerwhales or was even a killerwhale myself.

Since an early age I have been absolutely hooked on these creatures.


My spiritual bond with these oversized dolphins started around the Age of 4. I must have seen them in a movie or somewhere, because they were my favourite things to draw and paint. I then had the opportunity to watch them off the coast of Patagonia in the months of march, hunting for seals and penguins as a young child.

All Free Willy Parts added to my interest and soon I was carrying around a  killerwhale- replicate for every occasion. Plastic orca for Barbie, inflatible orca for pool, cuddly orca for bedtime, orca T-Shirts for kindergarten, orca backpack for school..the list goes on…

With being an extreme lucid dreamer at night I tend to take an interest in what my dreams are telling me. Hitting my twenties orcas started becoming constent guests in my subconcious mind at night.

I dream of them recurrently in times of anxiety, times of heartbreak, even random times with not much going on at all.

And in every dream it is the same:

I am on a cliff overlooking the ocean and I see so many of them in the water swimming, breaching or spyhopping. As I watch them I am filled with such a deep sense of belonging and at the same time peace and happiness, that I start to sob.

I decided to go and be reunited with my spiritual friends .

I traveled to San Juan Island, where some shots for Free Willy 2 had been done, and spent a few days out on the water watching them in the wild.

I set off most times with Ivan and his crew of marine naturalists from “Western Prince”.

The first day started off with lots of beautiful other animals up close. Seals, eagles, Minki whales and then I saw close to the coast a mother and baby orca appearing out of the greenish-blue and thank god for waterproof Mascara.

DSC_1381(photo my own)

It was one of the few most liberal, free and spiritual moments of my life.

A feeling we all deserve to feel and remember. For everyone unique. For everyone powerful.

Whether it’s standing on top of a mountain after a climb.

Winning a race…

Giving birth…

or in my case seeing these black and white rubbery beast.

“These are the moments where time stands still and you feel ever so connected to something powerful out there.To the universe.”

Since I can’t always have those moments, not living in close proximity to them, I sponsor an individual, which allows me to recieve latest news on specific pods swimming around the Salish Sea, BC-Area.

You can read about the Programm right here.

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