Frequent Flyer Must Haves!!

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I am a FTL (Frequent Flyer).

Better yet I wouldn’t be lying if I said that planes are my second home. Airbus 340 Family, the big A380 or even Airbus 320 Family are planes I could crawl around blind and find everything.

Flying I’m afraid is not very body-friendly pastime.  The spaces are tight. The temperatures uneven, the air-conditioning dry as sand and germs are just everywhere.

As somebody dependant on flying I have spent a gazillion penny’s over the years trying to find the right products to leave  me not only feeling great, but that also do exactly what they say they do.

“This advice will turn you into the perfect Travelista or Travelmister”

Okay let’s get started!

Question: Why do people bord flights over 8 hours wearing flip flops or shorts..?

I don’t know what you’re thinking. But as soon as you reach cruising altitude that air-conditioning will kick in leaving you possibly freezing. Just a thin Logo-blanket won’t do the trick…

Rule 1:  Bring something with long sleeves and a pair of warm socks.


I recommend Aloe Vera infused moisture socks available at Walgreens and CVS. Just go into the shop and hold them.

You need these in your life.

Men after a long day of work need these in their life and they come in all colours. They are also for lounging around only, giving your tired feet deep relaxation!

Rule 2:  Buy hydration at the Airport. FULLSTOP

Yes prices can be ridiculous at Airports, but you never know how long it will take until you are served your first drink. And you need that water intake!

Fiji Water or Evian is my personal favourite but water is…water…is water….Doesn’t matter what you drink as long as you keep those hydration levels up and don’t feel dizzy.


Rule 3:  Your skin will be crying for a drink after a few hours. Now I have been there done that when it comes to moisturizers. I’ve finally got my moneys worth with “Kiehl’s In Flight Refreshing Facial Mist” and “Kiehl’s  Creamy Eye Treatment”

These two really do the trick when it comes to moisture balance and leave you feeling clean and fresh.


Rule 4. Bring sleeping essentials If you want to catch some zZz’s.

a) Earplugs…It’s going to be loud. Why not eliminate this problem by buying some cheap earplugs from the drugstore.


b) Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks come in all shapes and sizes, in cute and funny designs but my personal favourite as someone who wears mascara and likes to put on “Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment” has to be the 3D Sleep Mask with rounded Eye compartment. Can be bought at most Airport shops, drugstores or get it from “”. I’m happy it’s in my life.


c)  A neck-pillow

Pillows on bord. Forget them unless you are flying in Business class. They are too thin and offer hardly any support. Always bring your own. My favourite is this memory-foam one, which adjusts to your neck and head shape . I have it in “Zebra” from TK Maxx. Can also be found over ““.


Rule 5:  Always keep your eyes and nasal-passages hydrated.

These are my swear-by essentials for long flights. There is nothing worse than dry, itchy eyes or a dry nose which hurts when breathing. Lubricating eye drops from Drugstores like Walgreens  Walgreens Moisturizing Eyedropsdo the trick and are affordable. Saline nose spray is the best gift you can give your nose. Not a harsh medical spray for infection and cold, just a Saline, salt nose spray will keep your nose from dropping off.


Rule 6:  Keep your paws from cracking

You might be constantly, washing and disinfecting like me on planes and your hands need a cream that promises more than just a floral scent.

I swear by Palmer’s Coco Butter products. By any coco butter products really…

This handcream is not greasy, keeps cuticles soft and skin from cracking and if you don’t like the coco scent it comes in scent-free.


That is it…. No more required. You can bring many more bits and bobs along but these are the “Must Have” basics for feeling groomed on a plane.

Short and Simple.

5 thoughts on “Frequent Flyer Must Haves!!

  1. Great list! You know, airplanes remind me of movie theaters and grocery stores – MUCH colder than anticipated! lol Dress appropriately or expect to be miserable. 😛
    Also, I love Palmer’s lotion, oh my word, the smell is amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

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