I have a relaxed relationship with money. I have always found that if you work money flows out of your purse and after a while it flows back in. I can’t get my head around how greedy and mean people are with money when they mostly have enough to go around. Every few months or so I take 50€ out of my bank after pay-day and buy school and hygiene essentials for kids in need.

This time I was going to visit an orphanage in Ghana and bring them my donations. It was a very hot, sunny sunday. I took a driver through town and on arrival was greeted at the gates by a lovely Danish girl, who had been doing voluntary work at the orphanage over the summer. She looked into my bag and said that the stuff was very useful. Especially something as simple as a packet of sweets|candy can make a childs day.

The children were enjoying their weekly sunday school service, which they mostly organized themselves. The older teenage girls dressed up beautifully for the occasion took the lead when it came to singing Christian church songs and the younger Kids clapped in unison and sang along for a good hour.


It was great to see a place where children of all ages were having such a great time, with volunteers paying them attention and tending to their needs. The Kids had recently even been allowed to paint a wall with colourful paint as a creative project.


They were a strong Family community, with everyone looking out for each other. They played in groups, cooked in groups and cleaned in groups making them strong and well equipped hopefully for later life.

I left feeling that my money had been well spent.

 “50€ is something I’d spend on a jumper  and with that money it was possible to make 20-30 kids happy.”

Some people in our society with well paid jobs are even too stingy to buy a round of beer for friends or colleagues. It’s so pathetic and such a unattractive quality. Money can make life for the poor a tiny bit easier.

“We can can even make a friend so happy being generous and buying some chocolates or flowers for a Euro, Dollar or Pound.”

Before buying that tenth white shirt we should consider giving back a gift to somebody who deserves a treat ones in a while…

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