imageSometimes when you least expect it, great love can be found.

One of those great loves for me is definitely ” SEATTLE”.

I came first to Seattle 2013, when all I could see was grey. I was not very content with the way my life was going and decided it was time for some soul-searching. I booked a flight and was soon alone on my way. Seattle was not my actual destination that summer, but wiggled its way into my heart almost immediately . From the moment I got off at “Union Station” I was hooked.

Seattle is beautiful and hot during the summer. Elliott Bay reflects the sunlight and Mount Ranier shines in shades of golden rose near sundown. The Space Needles Sightseeing platform gives a 360 degree all-round view from where you can see the beautiful proud mountain glazing on the horizon. For me it’s a place like no other.


“Seattle has a calming soothing quality about it.

Not at all rustic and harsh I had imagined it being like with all its green forest and mountain surroundings. The air is fresh and clean and when the sun disappears, and the clouds roll over the sky and the rain starts to fall, it’s not really that big of a deal, because it feels cozy and safe. The bars, diners and cafes offer great shelter anyway from the wet and wind and you feel snug, reading the morning paper there and having a nice lunch. Delicious diner breakfasts are also to be had on the Avenue corners.

You could try something different like a delicious variety of crumpets at “The Crumpet Shop” 1503 1st Ave. This is a great british snack-experience you shouldn’t miss if you have never had a crumpet before.

In the afternoons after exploring the City or doing some window Shopping, I would grab a Cupcake or home-made Ice Cream at “Yellow Leaf Cupcake& Co.” or head down to Pike Place Market to buy some fresh Alaskan Salmon.

In summer the peaches and berries sold at the market are ripe and were an excellent Vitamin boost for my jet lagged system.

It’s fun visiting the first Starbucks at Pike Place. But it’s best to go first thing in the morning to experience it as an actual Starbucks joint and not a tourist attraction with a giant cue outside.

I’ve stayed many places in the city. Had good sleeps and not so good. The Marriott Waterfront is one of my favourite hotels. Mainly for its location right by the water on the Alaskan Highway. The rooms are comfy and simple and the staff very friendly. Opposite the hotel there are Kayak Tours (for example at Alki Kayak Tours) to be booked. Especially nice just before sun down.

Also if you’re on a Budget the “City Hostel Seattle” on 2nd Ave is a great place to stay. With many great bars around and perfect Access to all highlights it’s worth a stay. The street is safe to stroll around at all hours, where as I found places around Pike Place a bit rough in the evenings. The staff is lovely and very helpful . Giving you all sorts of great tips on what to see.image

Thinking of this emerald green city with its norwegian and swedish influence makes me want to put on the fireplace this autum, snuggle up in FAKE-fur, drink hot chocolate and watch “Greys Anatomy”. You’re welcome to copy doing this…

2 thoughts on “SEATTLE LOVESTORY PART 1:

  1. This was a lovely tribute to Seattle. Although I’ve only lived here for 2 months, I’m gradually getting to appreciate the more peaceful scene in this city compared to NYC. Will def check out the Crumpet shop now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Georgina!
      NYC is very different you’re right. I’m sure you’ll get to love the city once you’ve been there half a year or so! Wish you all the best and NYC will always be there for you 😉


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