Autumn Thoughts: Don’t let Travel solely define You


With many Travel Blogs and flashy documentaries out there, it’s hard not to feel like you’re missing out on valuable experiences one way or the other, while sitting at home lazy on your couch or at work in front of your PC.

People posting about backpacking through Thailand or saucy young ladies showing off their perfectly tanned, skinny bikini bodies on a tropical island beach somewhere on instagram.

,,Their lives look perfect and I’m just sitting here…Ok I’m definitely eating this whole tub of ice cream!”

It’s hard to escape all these images and messages shouting,, If you haven’t done Work and Travel in australia, traveled through south-east asia, or been kite surfing in the pacific you have missed out on valuable experiences in life.


,,Yes. Travel does broaden the mind…

But so do good books!”

There are other ways to fulfill yourself and being an amazing individual, without collecting stamps in your passport.

Everyone has important, fun experiences to contribute to the world. It’s about being true to yourself and your own interests. Many people travel to lovely places and  have nothing really to show for it, because they didn’t make their stay worthwhile.

I’ve had conversations with many, who have told me hours on end about their asia-trip and to where else they have been.

Believe me when I say ,,Travel does not necessarily make you interesting.”

People ranting on about their identical trips usually to Southeast Asia, Australia or the likes can really test your patience.

It’s not where you’ve been that makes you interesting it’s who you are and what you cultivate. The fun and laughs you can share with others and to know what you enjoy best.

We enjoy people sharing their travel experiences, especially through virtual media to give us space to dream about where we’d like to visit. Maybe even escape to one day. But these images should motivate not evoke jealousy or hard feelings.

Happiness can be found inside each of us. Even in everyday scheduled lives. Reading a good book in your lovely home can be like an amazing trip in its self, taking you away to different dimensions and teaching you something valuable about human relationships.

You also don’t have to go to the end of the world to meet interesting people. You just have to be open to the fact that you could meet an amazing person by striking up conversation in a park, while your dogs chase each other on the lawn, or with the postman who comes by every day.

You can feel accomplished and happy about having started to jog around the block, every morning. Or about starting a new course at the local gym or in town or just at peace sitting at home in your garden.

The best things in life are right under your nose. Meet up with a friend today or take yourself out for a coffee.

Travel is a privilege and an amazing opportunity to experience things.

But don’t forget that real growth takes places in your heart and every ordinary day will give you some sort of opportunity for that.

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