Adrenalin Rush In The Andes

We leave one cool and cloudy Bogota morning for a day trip, which turns out to be more than we bargained for. Javier our tour guide has promised to take us for a jungle tour, where we will afterwards climb down the side of a canyon, fully equipped and secured by professionals.

Our drive takes a good 2 hours, and the further we leave the city with its high altitude behind the hotter it gets. The sun is blazing out here in the Andes and the wine we brought will do us more bad than good. We decide to drink it on the way home. We stop off at a small town to buy some refreshments. So many stray dogs and cats, but weirdly enough none of them look scruffy. Quite the opposite glossy shiny individuals coming in and out of the jungle curbs…

We drive up a steep hill to the tour companies headquarters, when suddenly we see something soaring over our heads, through the open,wild greenery, to a lush mountain on the other side.

It was NOT a giant bird, but a large man flying through the air strapped to a zip line.

,,Canyoping” is the word, we are looking for says Javier and whether or not we want to try.?  It’s ok if we don’t we are told. He has been doing his job for years and has seen a fair few people backing out at the last moment.

You have two options of taking the plunge…

  1. The superman (You are secured horizontally, belly down and literally fly like an overgrown bird to the other side)

2.  The upright sitter ( Well…Sitting from start to finished in a comfortable pose          enjoying the view)

He himself feels more comfortable sitting upright and it is considered a bit more beginner friendly.

I decide to go with style one. Even though I have somewhat fear of heights I come to the conclusion that nothing bad can happen and fear is in most cases just irrationally there, stopping you in your tracks.

I am asked to climb up onto the take-off landing. Surprisingly no anxiety yet.

Then assisted into the harness and buckled up tightly in the horizontal flying position. Still no bad feelings.

And before I can even count to three, I’m pushed and then soaring through the air over the jungle hills.

Suddenly half way through the ride, time for me slows down and my thoughts kick  in:

,,What if the zip line or harness were to rip!?”

,,Oh my gosh! I could actually plummet to my death”

,,She died doing extreme sport …”or   ,,She died trying to resemble a flying chicken?”

I begin to feel quite clammy and close my eyes. It’s scary, exhilarating but at the same time the most peaceful, freeing feeling in the world. Not to mention the amazing view.

,,Be a bird in next life please!!! Minus the phobia of heights”

I land at the other end safe and sound, am unstrapped and happy to have tried something new…

After the adrenalin and exciting tour a nice glass of wine is much appreciated by all of us, especially while listening to some of Javier’s  stories.

I go to sleep feeling exhausted but also happy.

Happy that the harness didn’t break and I’m still alive, without having wet myself out of fear and trauma…) But mostly for having stood up to my fear and thoughts of never ever going to be able to do something like it.

My Canyoping experience can be booked alongside other sports and tours at:

-Give it a go-

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