Frequent Flyer Must Haves!!

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I am a FTL (Frequent Flyer).

Better yet I wouldn’t be lying if I said that planes are my second home. Airbus 340 Family, the big A380 or even Airbus 320 Family are planes I could crawl around blind and find everything.

Flying I’m afraid is not very body-friendly pastime.  The spaces are tight. The temperatures uneven, the air-conditioning dry as sand and germs are just everywhere.

As somebody dependant on flying I have spent a gazillion penny’s over the years trying to find the right products to leave  me not only feeling great, but that also do exactly what they say they do.

“This advice will turn you into the perfect Travelista or Travelmister”

Okay let’s get started!

Question: Why do people bord flights over 8 hours wearing flip flops or shorts..?

I don’t know what you’re thinking. But as soon as you reach cruising altitude that air-conditioning will kick in leaving you possibly freezing. Just a thin Logo-blanket won’t do the trick…

Rule 1:  Bring something with long sleeves and a pair of warm socks.


I recommend Aloe Vera infused moisture socks available at Walgreens and CVS. Just go into the shop and hold them.

You need these in your life.

Men after a long day of work need these in their life and they come in all colours. They are also for lounging around only, giving your tired feet deep relaxation!

Rule 2:  Buy hydration at the Airport. FULLSTOP

Yes prices can be ridiculous at Airports, but you never know how long it will take until you are served your first drink. And you need that water intake!

Fiji Water or Evian is my personal favourite but water is…water…is water….Doesn’t matter what you drink as long as you keep those hydration levels up and don’t feel dizzy.


Rule 3:  Your skin will be crying for a drink after a few hours. Now I have been there done that when it comes to moisturizers. I’ve finally got my moneys worth with “Kiehl’s In Flight Refreshing Facial Mist” and “Kiehl’s  Creamy Eye Treatment”

These two really do the trick when it comes to moisture balance and leave you feeling clean and fresh.


Rule 4. Bring sleeping essentials If you want to catch some zZz’s.

a) Earplugs…It’s going to be loud. Why not eliminate this problem by buying some cheap earplugs from the drugstore.


b) Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks come in all shapes and sizes, in cute and funny designs but my personal favourite as someone who wears mascara and likes to put on “Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment” has to be the 3D Sleep Mask with rounded Eye compartment. Can be bought at most Airport shops, drugstores or get it from “”. I’m happy it’s in my life.


c)  A neck-pillow

Pillows on bord. Forget them unless you are flying in Business class. They are too thin and offer hardly any support. Always bring your own. My favourite is this memory-foam one, which adjusts to your neck and head shape . I have it in “Zebra” from TK Maxx. Can also be found over ““.


Rule 5:  Always keep your eyes and nasal-passages hydrated.

These are my swear-by essentials for long flights. There is nothing worse than dry, itchy eyes or a dry nose which hurts when breathing. Lubricating eye drops from Drugstores like Walgreens  Walgreens Moisturizing Eyedropsdo the trick and are affordable. Saline nose spray is the best gift you can give your nose. Not a harsh medical spray for infection and cold, just a Saline, salt nose spray will keep your nose from dropping off.


Rule 6:  Keep your paws from cracking

You might be constantly, washing and disinfecting like me on planes and your hands need a cream that promises more than just a floral scent.

I swear by Palmer’s Coco Butter products. By any coco butter products really…

This handcream is not greasy, keeps cuticles soft and skin from cracking and if you don’t like the coco scent it comes in scent-free.


That is it…. No more required. You can bring many more bits and bobs along but these are the “Must Have” basics for feeling groomed on a plane.

Short and Simple.

Thought of The Day:Childhood Nostalgia at the Fairground

The Fair has come to my Hometown again. And with it comes chocolate covered fruit, candy floss and Merry-Go-Rounds. I don’t do well in loud, busy places but am easily tempted by the promise of sugary goods and bottled evening beer, while sitting on a blanket in the park. It’s a time for socializing, time for families with children and most of all time for me to find the best Fairground attraction ever.

The Sea-Hamsters Ball.

It’s not actually called that.But it is a blown up round contraption floating on water, with kids running inside like hamsters.

I can’t think of a better way to tire your children out for a long, deep sleep than letting them work hard at keeping their balance in a water filled paddling pool.

I can’t help feeling a little jealous. Jealous that this didn’t exist when I was that age. And wondering whether or not I can have a go.

“I’m too big. What a pity…”

watching it I remember how it felt as a child believing nothing was impossible. Believing that if I flap my arms hard enough I can fly.

Waking up having dreamed of flying. Wanting to be able to breath underwater or be able to become invisible like Harry Potter under a cloak.

  • What a magical time childhood can be…



I have a relaxed relationship with money. I have always found that if you work money flows out of your purse and after a while it flows back in. I can’t get my head around how greedy and mean people are with money when they mostly have enough to go around. Every few months or so I take 50€ out of my bank after pay-day and buy school and hygiene essentials for kids in need.

This time I was going to visit an orphanage in Ghana and bring them my donations. It was a very hot, sunny sunday. I took a driver through town and on arrival was greeted at the gates by a lovely Danish girl, who had been doing voluntary work at the orphanage over the summer. She looked into my bag and said that the stuff was very useful. Especially something as simple as a packet of sweets|candy can make a childs day.

The children were enjoying their weekly sunday school service, which they mostly organized themselves. The older teenage girls dressed up beautifully for the occasion took the lead when it came to singing Christian church songs and the younger Kids clapped in unison and sang along for a good hour.


It was great to see a place where children of all ages were having such a great time, with volunteers paying them attention and tending to their needs. The Kids had recently even been allowed to paint a wall with colourful paint as a creative project.


They were a strong Family community, with everyone looking out for each other. They played in groups, cooked in groups and cleaned in groups making them strong and well equipped hopefully for later life.

I left feeling that my money had been well spent.

 “50€ is something I’d spend on a jumper  and with that money it was possible to make 20-30 kids happy.”

Some people in our society with well paid jobs are even too stingy to buy a round of beer for friends or colleagues. It’s so pathetic and such a unattractive quality. Money can make life for the poor a tiny bit easier.

“We can can even make a friend so happy being generous and buying some chocolates or flowers for a Euro, Dollar or Pound.”

Before buying that tenth white shirt we should consider giving back a gift to somebody who deserves a treat ones in a while…


imageSometimes when you least expect it, great love can be found.

One of those great loves for me is definitely ” SEATTLE”.

I came first to Seattle 2013, when all I could see was grey. I was not very content with the way my life was going and decided it was time for some soul-searching. I booked a flight and was soon alone on my way. Seattle was not my actual destination that summer, but wiggled its way into my heart almost immediately . From the moment I got off at “Union Station” I was hooked.

Seattle is beautiful and hot during the summer. Elliott Bay reflects the sunlight and Mount Ranier shines in shades of golden rose near sundown. The Space Needles Sightseeing platform gives a 360 degree all-round view from where you can see the beautiful proud mountain glazing on the horizon. For me it’s a place like no other.


“Seattle has a calming soothing quality about it.

Not at all rustic and harsh I had imagined it being like with all its green forest and mountain surroundings. The air is fresh and clean and when the sun disappears, and the clouds roll over the sky and the rain starts to fall, it’s not really that big of a deal, because it feels cozy and safe. The bars, diners and cafes offer great shelter anyway from the wet and wind and you feel snug, reading the morning paper there and having a nice lunch. Delicious diner breakfasts are also to be had on the Avenue corners.

You could try something different like a delicious variety of crumpets at “The Crumpet Shop” 1503 1st Ave. This is a great british snack-experience you shouldn’t miss if you have never had a crumpet before.

In the afternoons after exploring the City or doing some window Shopping, I would grab a Cupcake or home-made Ice Cream at “Yellow Leaf Cupcake& Co.” or head down to Pike Place Market to buy some fresh Alaskan Salmon.

In summer the peaches and berries sold at the market are ripe and were an excellent Vitamin boost for my jet lagged system.

It’s fun visiting the first Starbucks at Pike Place. But it’s best to go first thing in the morning to experience it as an actual Starbucks joint and not a tourist attraction with a giant cue outside.

I’ve stayed many places in the city. Had good sleeps and not so good. The Marriott Waterfront is one of my favourite hotels. Mainly for its location right by the water on the Alaskan Highway. The rooms are comfy and simple and the staff very friendly. Opposite the hotel there are Kayak Tours (for example at Alki Kayak Tours) to be booked. Especially nice just before sun down.

Also if you’re on a Budget the “City Hostel Seattle” on 2nd Ave is a great place to stay. With many great bars around and perfect Access to all highlights it’s worth a stay. The street is safe to stroll around at all hours, where as I found places around Pike Place a bit rough in the evenings. The staff is lovely and very helpful . Giving you all sorts of great tips on what to see.image

Thinking of this emerald green city with its norwegian and swedish influence makes me want to put on the fireplace this autum, snuggle up in FAKE-fur, drink hot chocolate and watch “Greys Anatomy”. You’re welcome to copy doing this…

A Meaningful Acquaintance *Chennai*

In hindsight I had been longing to meet you for quite some time.  For days I had felt an urge in my heart, the very clear urge to act…but I didn’t quite know on what.? I then found a paper with the advertisement of an orphanage in India. This was the address of your home. The place you grow up and are expected to feel safe.

I didn’t know that then… I just knew for certain I had to go. I didn’t know I would have the privilege to meet you.

I came prepared with gifts I thought children your age might like. Things that would bring you great joy. Things for playing together and things you could call your own. I made sure they were clean and unbroken. You were still unbroken yourself when we met.

The first time I saw You, You were drinking water from a tap outside. Other children were being bathed. They glanced over at me warily. While walking up to them, they hid behind one of the caregivers. I gave them each a gift and when I turned back to find you, but you had disappeared.  I strolled around the grounds trying to make a picture of how you spent your time. You had a school room, equipped with wooden tables and unmatching chairs. In a corner were a few books. Maybe you’d read them all one day. I went outside, sat down on a rock and watched the caregivers going about their every day chores. Washing, cleaning, looking after your friends…or rather your family.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my upper arm I turned around to find behind me. First poking me with your pudgy finger and then stroking me.

Your smile was so bright! It is highly contagious you know?

I had to laugh as well. I noticed something welling up inside of me, tears started to stream down my face. I felt happy looking at you. Just so beautiful for who you are and sad because I knew I had to leave. Had to leave you behind. Something kicked in, an instinct, something inside me had changed at that moment. I reached into my bag and pulled out a doll. My favorite…she used to be, “Still is” and gave her to you. I knew I had  made you happy. You started to play, examine the frills on her blue dress. I left you to it and got up to leave. You didn’t notice. Walking out through your homes gate I turned around at a crunching noise. It was you walking towards me on the dusty ground. You gave me a look. I captured it. I will never know what you were thinking.

I still think about you a lot and hope you are well…DSC_0560

All Photos featured are my own.

Autumn Thoughts: Don’t let Travel solely define You


With many Travel Blogs and flashy documentaries out there, it’s hard not to feel like you’re missing out on valuable experiences one way or the other, while sitting at home lazy on your couch or at work in front of your PC.

People posting about backpacking through Thailand or saucy young ladies showing off their perfectly tanned, skinny bikini bodies on a tropical island beach somewhere on instagram.

,,Their lives look perfect and I’m just sitting here…Ok I’m definitely eating this whole tub of ice cream!”

It’s hard to escape all these images and messages shouting,, If you haven’t done Work and Travel in australia, traveled through south-east asia, or been kite surfing in the pacific you have missed out on valuable experiences in life.


,,Yes. Travel does broaden the mind…

But so do good books!”

There are other ways to fulfill yourself and being an amazing individual, without collecting stamps in your passport.

Everyone has important, fun experiences to contribute to the world. It’s about being true to yourself and your own interests. Many people travel to lovely places and  have nothing really to show for it, because they didn’t make their stay worthwhile.

I’ve had conversations with many, who have told me hours on end about their asia-trip and to where else they have been.

Believe me when I say ,,Travel does not necessarily make you interesting.”

People ranting on about their identical trips usually to Southeast Asia, Australia or the likes can really test your patience.

It’s not where you’ve been that makes you interesting it’s who you are and what you cultivate. The fun and laughs you can share with others and to know what you enjoy best.

We enjoy people sharing their travel experiences, especially through virtual media to give us space to dream about where we’d like to visit. Maybe even escape to one day. But these images should motivate not evoke jealousy or hard feelings.

Happiness can be found inside each of us. Even in everyday scheduled lives. Reading a good book in your lovely home can be like an amazing trip in its self, taking you away to different dimensions and teaching you something valuable about human relationships.

You also don’t have to go to the end of the world to meet interesting people. You just have to be open to the fact that you could meet an amazing person by striking up conversation in a park, while your dogs chase each other on the lawn, or with the postman who comes by every day.

You can feel accomplished and happy about having started to jog around the block, every morning. Or about starting a new course at the local gym or in town or just at peace sitting at home in your garden.

The best things in life are right under your nose. Meet up with a friend today or take yourself out for a coffee.

Travel is a privilege and an amazing opportunity to experience things.

But don’t forget that real growth takes places in your heart and every ordinary day will give you some sort of opportunity for that.